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About Ever wanted to live out your fantasy of being an asteroid-destroying space pirate? Starblast has you covered. In this shooter, you spawn into a room filled with asteroids. By destroy these hunks of rock, you'll collect gems, and then use those gems in order to upgrade your ship. You can invest in speed, capacity, damage, etc., or you can exchange gems for powerful, asteroid-crumpling weaponry. But what would a swanky, upgraded starship be if all there was to do with it was destroying an endless supply of asteroids. In Starblast, you spawn into a room filled with dozens of other players who are doing just what you're doing - farming gems and upgrading their ships. It's up to you to decide whether you want to take it easy and farm while avoiding other players, or go balls-to-the-wall, attacking anything that stands in your way and reaping your rewards from the debris of their smashed ships rather than inert asteroids. Just be careful who you decide to pick on. It’s fairly easy in Starblast to bite off more than you can chew. Or to simply become the chow of some player looking to line the hull of his ship with your skull. How to play The controls are simple. Left click to shoot, and hold right click to fly around in the direction of your cursor. It won’t be long before you’re darting around space, weaving around asteroids, and blowing them up like an ace pilot. You can also press "c" to communicate with other players, or even team up against that bully who keeps picking on the little guys. After gaining enough gems, the upgrade screen will pop up, and you’ll be able to choose from one of eight upgrades. These bolster aspects of your ship like speed, gem capacity, agility, damage, etc. These will give you a slight edge in your current ship, but if you want to instead trade in your wimpy little ship for something with a bit more oomph, you can choose to forgo these upgrades all together and just stockpile gems until you’re at capacity. If this happens, the space pirate gods will smile upon you and offer you a choice between two ship upgrades. Then, if you’re feeling especially feisty, you can choose to engage in some good old fashioned PvP. Oftentimes, though, you’ll be forced to PvP, like it or not. Plenty of players seem friendly enough, but there’s always that one bad apple that will chase you through space while you whip and weave through asteroids. His ship, naturally, is twice as big as yours, so you have little chance of winning a fight. Your only option, really, is to run for your life and hope that he gets bored. Strategy Starblast can be a dog eat dog asteroid field. Chances are that your first foray into the game will result in you spawning right next to some guy who has spent the better part of the afternoon farming his way up to being a demigod. He'll just look at you, and you will die. So, it goes without saying that the best strategy is avoidance - at least right at the start of the game. The X's on your radar show the position of other players. Avoid these all together and get to farming. And if you see any trophies on the map, take extra care. Those are the big dogs. This doesn't necessarily mean that they're Cujo and not Lassie, but rarely do you get to the top by being nice. While this next tip might seem obvious, it takes much less time to destroy the smaller asteroids and collect those gems. The bigger asteroids can take a while to destroy, even if their gem reward