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Game Description
                                                                                                       About                                Battle challenging foes with a huge selection of customizable robots! Take control of these specialized mechs in three different game modes that is sure to test your skills and endurance as you fight endless foes with a variety of weapons and abilities. WarBot will keep you entertained for hours and have you coming back time and time again as you level up and progress through the ranked charts.                                                                                                                                        How to play                                Booster: SPACEMove: W, A, S, DCamera: Left/Right ArrowShoot: Up Arrow or Mouse Left ButtonMouse Lock On/Off: Mouse Right Button Emotion: 1, 2Minimap: MHot Key Info: HUpgrade/Ranking: Tab Exit: ESC                                                                                                                               Strategy                                Fighting enemies that are far more powerful than you will not work in your favor, so try to only pick on Mech's that appear weakened and less dangerous than yourself. After you've acquired some gold and new abilities, your damage and defenses will increase and place you higher on the mechanical pecking order.