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Shell Shockers ( shell shockers )

Game Description
About Shell Shockers Welcome to Shell Shockers, the world's most advanced egg-based multiplayer shooter! It's like your favorite battlefield game but... with eggs. • Get cracking with multiple character classes such as the Scrambler and Free Ranger.• Equip powerful weapons ranging from EggK-47s to the Dozen Gauge shotgun.• Wage war across multiple crazy landscapes as you fight for supremacy vs crazy eggs from around the world. Watch out or you'll get yolked! Feel the eggstacy of victory... and the eggony of defeat... as you battle to become the ultimate Shell Shocker! How to play Shell Shockers Controls:• Move: WASD• Fire: Left Mouse Button• Reload: R• Swap Weapon: E• Jump: Space Shell Shockers Strategy Eggs aren't as fragile in this game as you think they would be- don't be afraid to jump down from heights. I promise you won't end up like Humpty Dumpty, but you'll be eggscellent at sneaking up on your enemies from above.