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Cube City Wars

Play Cube City Wars

There is a city, built with cubes. There is a war, City War. In this city that players able to get win using weapons, airdrops and cars. You can take advantage use weapons while riding a car or controlling a vehicle. Not only fighting with player, you should struggle to other opponents and destroy them. The opponents controlling by CPU.

That player who get hits the opponents health for 10 times, wins the war. Are you both players ready this war? if so yes, let's war begin!

==== HOW TO PLAY ===

Player 1
Move: “W,A,S,D”
Fire: “SPACE”
Dash: “E”
Get in a car: “TAB”

Player 2
Fire: “L”
Dash: “K”
Get in a car: “O”

==== WHO MADE === made this game.