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Agar3D - Agario 3D

Play Agar3D - Agario 3D

Are you ready to play real Agar3D world? Can you become the bigger player?
To get bigger mass, you should eat all around the cubes and enemies, but you should be careful doing that.
Do some traps for get them smaller, if you touch a smaller enemy, will explode and parts will be distributed to the around, you should eat the enemy remains to get bigger.
Do not forget to use your shield while fighting with the enemies,... much more action waiting for you in Agar3D...

Play now and start eating..
Have fun

*** Key Features ***
◉ Play with many different skins
◉ Throw some mass to defeat enemies
◉ Use your shield and keep alive
◉ Easy to learn and fun to master gameplay

*** Controls ***

1 Player Mode : OnScreen Joystick or W, A, S, D or
Arrow-Up , Arrow-Left, Arrow-Down, Arrow-Right

2 Player Mode :
Player 1 -> W, A, S, D
Player 2 -> Arrow-Up , Arrow-Left, Arrow-Down, Arrow-Right